The world needed them more than they needed each other.

Placing their differences aside, well sort of, six of the greatest musicians in Austin decided to do what others had only dreamt of – elevating classic rock to sexy classic rock. They came in your ears but stayed in your minds.

Andrew Riefenstahl – The Renegade, scoured the pawn shops of the East(side) looking for an amp that wouldn’t quit.

Rankin Fetzer The Runaway, searched for a band to call him lead, and has found his way home.

Jordan Hughes – The Animal, on or off the kit, there’s a good chance he’s lit.

Riley Sklar – The Untamed, couldn’t control his hair, his vocals, his bass runs, or his…you name it.

Dalton Melancon – The Tall Shadow, with the quickest fingers in the west, he is the gun you wish you could hire.

Scott Morgan – The Neophyte, may have joined his first band, but it may also be his last.

This is the diary of your favorite band in Austin, who came to drink PBR and shred your face – and they’re all out of PBR.

Live. Love. Lewd.

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